Learn & Earn

by donna dianita noya

Gon’ share my random thought today. I was thinking about life, somehow. We oftenly make a mistake, rite? again and again, over and over. Just like reading the same old book, you won’t move to the next page, cause you dont get what the story about. So you just move one page ahead then back again to the two-three-four pages behind and then move again for the next pages then stop, back again, and so on. Don’t you feel suck?

have you ever realize? we do cause we just don’t understand the point of what we just read, do we?

so, it just the analogy of  “why do we always make a mistake over and over”

Why don’t we try “Learn & Earn” ? here’s the thing :

Learn. After you realize you just made a mistake so take couple of hours or maybe days for you to let your brain and yet heart do they job. And dont forget to take a deep breath too. Think, whats the major reason which made you to accidentally create those stupid problems. Let the clock keeps ticking and you keep thinking. Nah, pada saat lo udah dapet which part that make you suffer like that, i mean, the problems. FIX IT! tetap fokus.

Earn. Setelah lo berpikir, lo tau dimana letak salahnya , lo belajar and of course you fixed it so lo akan dapet new experience, ibarat immune system, lo udah punya antibodi jika someday you got this problem again, you know how to treat it. So it prevents you to get into or make  a new problems. easy? tergantung niat dan usaha.

Useless, if you ONLY make a good statement and put it on your status in every social networks you have about “hope tomorrow i get better” without making any action or kalian pasti sering merasa, so easy to solve other’s matter & gave those fakkin advices than do it for yourfakkinself. So please, Jadilah orang yang berkualitas atas tindakan nya bukan atas perkataan nya. Every person in this galaxy pasti pernah melakukan kesalahan, I dare say. Once, twice, major, minor, semua tergantung seberapa besar usaha dia to fix it and be better, dont forget to stop being sucha donkey.

Ya seperti gue, this post kinda nothing if I don’t take a action to make myself better, not only make sombody better.

“Lets make a change”  jangan cuma jadiin itu slogan or you should be ashamed buddy.

Thank you for taking you time to read this kinda random thought hahaha.

Pesan gue :

jangan pernah marah kalau ada orang yang memberi lo masukan, don’t get too easy to fly of handle, control your emotion. Pasti selalu ada masukan yang bagus dari seburuk-buruknya orang yang memberikan masukan itu, walaupun dia tidak mengaplikasikan nya,  just take it, you should be thankful, cause YOU WON’T BE ONE OF THEM, YOU’LL DO IT BETTER.

-D. D. Noya